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In the Spring of 1998, Pastor Stovall was driving down the highway and asking the Lord some questions about some things that were troubling him.  When he was done telling God all the problems of the world, the Lord asked him who he was.  The pastor thought for a while, and answered "I'm your child."  God said, "That's right.  You're a King's Kid.  Now start acting like one."
Then the Lord gave him the emblem of the crown and the cross in a dream.  The crown meaning that God is king of all the earth (Psalm 47:7) and that He is in control.  The cross shows the price has been paid for sin once and for all, and through the saving power of His son's blood we have become heirs with Christ (Galatians 4:7).  That makes each of us a King's Kid.  The heart in the center of the cross reminds us of the love God has for us and the great sacrifice Jesus gave to redeem us from sin. 
As kids of the King we are made citizens of His Kingdom. The registered trademark has now been adopted as the symbol for the global youth movement of the International Network of Affiliate Ministries youth World-Wide.
Get your INAM Youth involved today!  Call 1-800-453-6712 ext. 10 for more information.

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